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Professional 24-Channel DMX Lighting Console

EUROLIGHT LC2412 Reviews

2.8/5.0 based on 12 customer reviews

  • from jmorton
    January 08, 2016

    this system offers a lot of nice features. The built in DMX patch allows each ...

    A little tricky to get the hang of its theory of operation at first, but you catch on. For the price point, this system offers a lot of nice features. The built in DMX patch allows each fader to control up to 3 DMX channels in the universe. Faders feel pretty good for being Behringer and low cost. Behringer needs to take the time to provide quick start and how to guides instead of the limited instructions describing what each button does. Understanding what a SEQUENCE of button presses do is the important thing here.

  • from Thomas Wolf
    October 01, 2014

    A different kind of lighting board

    I work with many pro lighting boards but wanted something inexpensive to travel to small venues. This board exceeded my expectations for price/functionality (try and find a $200 light board that does anything more than the basics). But like other reviewers stated, you have to realize Behringer designed it more like a "sound mixer" that control lights rather than a traditional lighting board. Works great for simple channel control right out of the box (read the manual as there are a couple of tricks). Patching DMX channels to faders is a bit limited (maximum of 3 DMX channels per fader so think out your patching in advance) Programming cues is a bit different but not bad once you figure out the tricks (again, spend some time with the manual BEFORE you take it to your first show!). I use it primarily for theater work (not DJ) so my my most common use is in "theater mode" which allows you to build up a manually controlled "chase" of 100 lighting cues. The ability to insert additional cues is unusual in other boards this price. My only concern is durability: the switches and faders seem rather lightweight and flimsy: only time will show if this board can take abuse of the road. But at this price it doesn't have to last many shows to pay itself off

  • from Michael Trokel
    February 19, 2016

    So far so good

    So far it's working for what i need it to do.Just make note it has a 5 pin dmx out not the standard 3..... The fade could be a bit smoother and a audio in control would be what's on the scene setter from ADJ. I love the internal transformer so no more wall wart and the audio in is 1/4 instead of rca .. a plus I think. Also the rack ears come off so as to get rid of those sharp edges. All in all pretty kewl.

  • from Ian Shaw
    August 28, 2016

    Flawed but tolerable

    First things first: It does work, but it takes a LOT of mental effort. You need to be very aware of how DMX works and be a big fan of planning ahead, plotting things out, and writing them down (like patch and memory assigns). It WON'T do this for you. Things that will make your experience a bit easier: It's really a 12 channel board that got 'extended' somewhere along the way to work with 24 channels. That means patching each fixture's dmx addresses entirely to either the upper channel bank or the lower channel bank. Don't put the four colors in the top set and the 'dimmer' or 'mode' address of the same fixture in the lower bunch. Trying to break a fixture's channels across this divide is possible, but not for the faint of heart as results tend to be inconsistent.Once written into memory things are ok, but getting them there is an adventure. There are a lot of things that Behringer could improve (a full 24-channel-at-once 'scene create' mode, allow patching a full 512 channel universe [say with maybe 10 addresses per channel instead of 3], true split faders,SDHC and/or USB stick removable memory, etc.) but then it would probably cost more. The hardware is not quite the sturdiest, but with reasonable care and a good road case it will do. It would be really nice (and honestly about time) to see an updated version that would take this thing from 'flawed but tolerable' to 'thing of beauty'.

  • from Christopher Dostie
    March 11, 2014

    Complicated...hard to understand directions

    If you're a beginner of dmx....this is NOT for you. It's taken me forever to figure this console out. It works but there's a ton of steps to go through to program and it's easy to get lost and into the "what did i do wrong" to "want to throw it out a window" stage very easily haha. First time I got it I had to disassemble it to replace the battery on the main board.

  • from Lars Slate
    March 05, 2015

    Super hard to program and has limitations but its a ...

    Super hard to program and has limitations but its a lot of tech for the money. I owned a $400 one before that was much better but for the price this is nice. Just a weird design and not super intuitive.

  • from Moon
    May 22, 2009

    Some design flaws, but ok

    I'm a big fan of Behringer equipment, especially in terms of value vs. price. Since I occasionally work in lighting - I thought I'd give this unit a try, since it boasted a lot of features at a very reasonable price. Now, the unit I bought worked pretty well, but I guess since Behringer is more of an AUDIO company, I found that this console was not set up to be very user friendly. If you work in lighting you know that most light boards are very similar, regardless of manufacturer. This one is a little different. The things I remember being problematic to me were that it didn't just work right out of the box. You have to select a bank (which it wouldn't remember the next time you turned it on) before any channels are active. Also, the A/B or X/Y faders aren't mirrored. Most boards have a separate level control for the X bank and the Y bank. Usually they are sex up so that X's level is 0 to 10, and Y's level is 10 to 0. So that when you crossfade, you move both sliders together. This unit has both X and Y at 0 to 10, so the sliders are always at opposite places, at least in typical use. This can be pretty confusing when lighting on the fly, because it's not obvious which scene is active. To my embarrassment, I constantly found myself editing the "live" bank by mistake. The manual must have been written in another language, and poorly translated into english, most-likely by someone unfamiliar with typical lighting standards. Very confusing. Finally, this board had a BNC socket for a flexible console light, so I spent the extra $20 to get it. It broke within a month. So if you can get around the design flaws, this unit is ok for the money, but if I buy another board - I most likely will choose another next time. The NSI/Leviton boards don't have as much flexibility/feature, but are much easier and intuitive to run, and for my dollar - more reliable.

  • from Earl
    February 03, 2016

    Behringer LC2412 is good, not great

    The good: A lot of bang for the buck Reliable & rugged Very affordable for a 12/24 channel controller + scenes and chases Sound to light works well Once you figure it out, it's reasonably easy to use. I'm using it for Par and LED lights. This has a Master fader and cross-fades between scenes. Other "smart light" controllers don't. The bad: Documentation - - poor translation to English - confusing - no examples Near obsolete pcmcia memory card Resources: Look online for setup videos. I uploaded a basic cheat sheet to the Behringer forum. Check the Live Sound forum. Bottom line: With some good documentation it could be a 4+ star device. Too bad Bheringer has not revisited this with their current CustomerService support levels. I've had mine for 3-4 yrs and plan to keep it in the mix. I have a Behringer X32 mixer from Sweetwater and LOVE it

  • from Amazon Customer
    May 17, 2016

    didnt do what i exspected it only does 3 dmx ...

    didnt do what i exspected it only does 3 dmx per channel now i know why it was so cheap

  • from russhulme
    June 10, 2015

    Boat Anchor

    I purchased this LC2412 to run a small lighting setup for my regional sound co. It took quite a while to figure it out.....not very user friendly. But finally got it all working fine and used approximately a half dozen times when right before a show it would no longer output DMX. The console was lit up but would not turn on any lights. Have since tried again in the shop and resetting everything but to no avail. I emailed Behringer about a week ago at their customer support site and have heard nothing. I should have known better being in the audio business. I would never use their audio equipment in a pro situation and should not have depended on this either. Pretty much a $250 boat anchor.

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