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24-Bit/192 kHz Digital 20-Watt Stereo Near Field Monitors

MS20 Reviews

3.9/5.0 based on 44 customer reviews

  • from Edward Koch
    January 09, 2015

    They sounded terrible. Turning the Bass and the Treble to zero ...

    Understand that these speakers are NOT broken it. I got a set 3 years ago and at first I thought there was something wrong. They sounded terrible. Turning the Bass and the Treble to zero at first helped. But after breaking in the speakers I can listen to music and hear even minor influences to notes. After seasoning these speakers are Incredible.

  • from El barto
    December 06, 2012

    Great bang for the buck

    I use these speakers mainly to listen to music and watch videos on my desktop and they do a superb job. This is a replacement for the M-audio studio pro 3 I had that started breaking down after 5 years of use. I used to own a Logitech 5.1 system but I found the bass to be too loud and distracting for watching videos/movies. These have a greater range than my old studio pro 3's and took some getting used to. I am able to hear more at the high frequencies, cymbals in songs I didn't notice before. Granted you will want to listen to 320 kbps mp3's to really notice the clarity in these speakers. I found the high frequencies are somewhat sharper than my studio pros which had a softer sound. I also like that the red LED is not too bright. One thing though is that they come only with an A/C power cable and an audio cable to hook up the right powered speaker to the left speaker. There is no analog/digital audio input cable provided.

  • from miked1967
    September 13, 2014

    Behringer to the rescue!

    I recently purchased a new desktop computer with windows 8.1 and Dolby/DTS audio through a dedicated, S/PDIF 3.5 optical toslink. I quickly released this was more than my humble needs required and pushing the limits of my tech skills. Worse yet, there aren't many stereo speakers (other than a 5.1 or 7.1 theater system) compatible with this configuration - certainly not the speakers I already owned! Behringer to the rescue! I bought their versatile MS20 that has an optical toslink input and it reads almost anything digital (including Dolby/DTS). They were easy to set up with only a couple minor adjustments to my computer's Realtek device. The instant I heard them I knew these powered, little monitors were far superior to my old speakers in every aspect. An authoritative sound for just 10 watts per channel. There's a MS40 pair at 20 watts per, but frankly, these MS20 monitors are just fine. Money well spent.

  • from John Doe
    February 18, 2016

    Great Ham Shack Monitor Speakers - Immune To RF

    I am a ham radio operator (W7YV) and these speakers were purchased based on their use in a ham shack by another ham (K4QKY). I am, so far, greatly satisfied with the result. The MS20 has two audio inputs. For my application, I used one for my HF rig audio. The other handles computer audio. There are separate volume controls for each input. I am hard of hearing so I needed speakers with good output power and range. I sit no more that 24 inches from the speakers. The most surprising thing about the speakers is that, so far as I have tested, I get no interference in the speakers from high level RF in the shack near them. Every computer speaker I have ever tried is sensitive to this and must have choke baluns placed on all the lead wires. I held a 2M 5W portable radio right up next to the speaker and got no interference.

  • from rpress
    August 30, 2012

    Great value

    I have these as my PC desktop speakers, using the S/PDIF input. They are a bit large, but they are solid and worth the space. I was considering the MS40, but I'm glad I went with the smaller and cheaper MS20. Plenty of power. Sound is excellent, and as mentioned before it sounds best with both treble and bass knobs at 10 o'clock. At loud volumes the tweeters can be harsh. Bass is surprisingly good for speakers this size. Standby consumption with power on is about 8 watts, I was hoping for less but not as bad as my old Klipsch at 19 watts.

  • from Bill
    March 25, 2009

    Great speakers for the price

    I have a pretty good hearing range, so most computer speakers sound flat and lifeless to me, or they try to compensate with phony sounding "stereo expansion" techniques that really just mask the flaws with more bass and some treble boost. I bougtht these to do close-quarters video editing at my PC workstation, and they have exceeded my expectations. There are different inputs, which is nice, and although they are a little large, the sound quality is definately worth it - it provides accurate, true to the source reproduction of your audio tracks, which lets face it, is what a speaker is supposed to do.

  • from Trent yaster
    November 02, 2015


    My brother and I use these everyday for multiple things. We hookup a ps4 via optical audio and a set of Alexis electronic drums and they play the sound from both at the same time! Awesome sound quality, all we need now is a nice behringer subwoofer to complete the set!

  • from DD
    May 04, 2010

    great computer speakers with optical in

    for the last 10 years I have used a mini stereo as my computer speakers, had the analog go into the JVC CD player/receiver, and the 10 watt speakers worked perfectly, I just liked the sound better than cheap computer speakers and didn't want a 5.1 setup. After I built my last computer I noticed a buzzing coming from the speakers which was really annoying (and this happened when no cell phones were around it). I read that an optical connection should eliminate this problem. So I starting looking for a pair of speakers with optical in, but the trick was that I didn't want a 5.1 system, just wanted 2 speakers which for me is great for games and casual music listening. I found these speakers which seemed to be just what I needed, the price was a little steep for computer speakers but since I also wanted quality I had to except it. Hooked them up last night, no more buzzing, the sound is GREAT, I couldn't believe how clear and crisp it was and it had decent base too. I was a little dissapointed there was no subwoofer out since I do have a mini sub in that room, but don't really need it. I cranked it up to see how much space it would fill and I could hear it perfectly clear in both bedrooms on the same level without maxing the volume. These speakers are a little big, bigger than my mini stereo JVC speakers but they aren't too bad, right speaker is sort of heavy as that has the amp in it, left is pretty light. I would recommend these for anyone wanting computer speakers with optical in and don't need full surround sound for their games, no better option out there.

  • from pch73
    April 07, 2010

    excellent sound and look

    After 2 month use, I am very happy with the speakers - great replacement for stock PC speakers from years ago. Full clear sound and great look. they are not small so make sure you have space.

  • from Howard Lang
    February 01, 2012

    Excellent quality and features for the price.

    I have had powered monitor speakers on my "someday" list for years. I use headphones while I do my audio work, but I sometimes need to play my results for others. I have my computer hooked into my component stereo for when I need to do that. But I have always hoped to some day have a nice pair of powered computer monitors. Of course I've used the cheap ones that sound, well, cheap. So that's why I plug my computer at home into my stereo. It wasn't until I got involved in video production that I found what I was looking for in the MS20 pair, which was part of a Mac workstation that had been assembled as the best possible solution with a practical budget in mind. The CPU had to be high-end, and for running FCP, a powerful Mac was a given. The people that put together the workstation decided to have powered computer monitors in the Mac alcoves, rather than the headphones that were supplied at the PC workstations in a row on an open counter. I was skeptical, because price-wise, Behringer is not high-priced gear. But quality-wise, I have always found their products quite competitive at any price. It's as if the product development team at Behringer actually get out and use the gear they produce. Imagine that! But I digress. If you are looking for high-end home theater sound, the MS20 may leave you wishing for more. But if you are used to listening to your work on typical computer speakers, you are in for a pleasant surprise. If you need to fill a cubicle-size room with good sound, get the MS20 and you're set. If you need to fill a classroom or a lecture hall on a regular basis, you might need to spend more and get the MS40. It all depends on your listening environment. Most of the time I am on headphones when I do my editing. I seldom need to play my work for more than a few people at a time. My position in the video production team is usually audio. At home, my MS20 monitors are used to give room sound to an audio production setup where I feed a keyboard into a multi-track digital recorder. It's nice to hear what I have done before I import it into the computer for further editing.

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