TRUTH B2031A Reviews



High-Resolution, Active 2-Way Reference Studio Monitor

TRUTH B2031A Reviews

4.5/5.0 based on 34 customer reviews

  • from E. M. Rosa
    May 25, 2010

    Excellent Monitors

    (1) Why I bought it: I set up a home recording studio and after reading numerous reviews these were the monitors I chose. (2) Cost: At under $400 for the pair, it seems to be a fair price. (3) Ease of Use: Very easy to set up. Documentation is thorough and helps you to choose the right connection. You do have to match up the settings on the back. Some of the filters and switches were different right out of the box, so I was getting a different sound from the left and right monitor. (4) Quality: These monitors sound fantastic. I am a bit of a home theater buff, so I am used to hearing "color" in a speaker. These speakers have a near flat response, and it sounds great. What you record is what you get. (5) Features: These are active monitors, so they come with a power cord. There are high, mid, and low pass filters to adjust some of the sound coming out of them. (6) Overall: Excellent monitors; I would recommend the B2031A to anyone looking for active studio monitors.

  • from Stephen Charles Holme
    August 05, 2015

    Excellent speaks

    these sound pretty damn good. Quite neutral, capable of a lot of volume. Still wondering if the 3031 is worth $50(mostly for the Amt tweeter) more, but probably not. Supposedly supplied by Bronx electronics so warranty should apply. A lot of adjustments on the back-make sure they are set correctly. Almost as good as my DIY linkwitz Lxminis, except for imaging(which the Lxminis excel at). Heavier than you might expect, well priced.

  • from Anderson
    July 01, 2014

    Can't beat 'em for twice the price.

    You can spend much, much more and get much less. These monitors are GREAT! You won't be disappointed. If you want tech specs they are easily found. If you want an affordable and totally true set of studio mons just buy these.

  • from Eric
    August 10, 2016

    heavy monitors - almost like small PA speakers

    I've been producing music professionally for 209 years. These monitors are exactly what you need to get a well articulated, multi-track mix. These are big, heavy monitors - almost like small PA speakers, but they are not boomy or tinny. They are just as accurate and realistic as Yamaha NS-10s. If you know what sounds good, and you know how to dial it in, these monitors will be your best friends. The attenuation guidelines above each respective control (located on the back of each monitor) produce exactly what the guidelines illustrate - thereby rendering these monitors almost universal in application - from Keyboard monitor, to near field mix, to final mastering (whereas, NS-10s are strictly near field monitors and sound like crap when applied any other way.) Do not connect or disconnect the monitors with the power on, the electric charge will pop at full volume each time - this will eventually ruin the voice coil and ruin the monitor.

  • from Lenny S
    April 05, 2016

    Massive value for money here!

    I have owned many pairs of near field studio monitors over the years, both powered and passive. Everything from Alesis, to Mackie and JBL. Overall I always liked my Event 20/20's the best but after almost 20 years of use it was time to replace them with something similar and perhaps even a touch better. The Berringer Truth B2031A's are some really tight sounding speakers. Bi-Amped and you can tell! Tightly focused, ample non flabby bass, and an almost imperceptible High/Mid crossover point that makes for a smooth and non fatiguing listening experience. It is hard to believe the price on these is as low as it is. Amazing really! Build quality is above average, no doubt about it. These may be cheap in price, but they are NOT "cheap" ! Power cables are detachable and of decent gauge. Switches and adjustments feel solid. Passive heat sink on the backs keep the enclosures from heating up. You can "tune them" to whatever room you are using but they sound great at the factory defaults with the gains notched right at 12 O'clock. For near fields, there is plenty of raw volume to be found, more than you need and more than is safe if you tend to crank them. Comes with very good documentation so setups are easy and no questions are left unanswered. I would have felt comfortable paying $500 each for these, especially with the bi-amping and multiple frequency adjustments. As with ALL speakers, they do need time to break-in. In other words, you will start getting the real "truth" out of these things after 150 or so hours of medium dense program material. Also, if the electronics perform well and don't fail within that time, they should be good to go for some years to come. Bottom line: If you need decent active near fields and have a limited budget or just like saving money, there is no other product near this price point that can beat the Truth monitors. Lenny S says YES, YES, YES !!

  • from Amazon Customer
    May 01, 2016

    A great-sounding monitor speaker!

    This was a replacement for an older B203A1 (about 20 years old!) whose amp died. There is no reliable Behringer repair shop near our small town, and Behringer does not make its schematics readily available, so I could not attempt to repair it myself. The new one arrived well-packaged and in good working order. On my first gig, I noted that it was at least 6-10dB less sensitive that the older model. which I had to turn down to match the two. I love these monitors! I use them along with the B2092A sub for small venues because of their sonic accuracy. They have substantial bass without the sub, but the bass is impressive with the sub. The sound from these monitors is superb!

  • from D. D. M. A
    December 21, 2007

    Great Monitors on their own right, and the price is another great story

    These monitors each bring their calibration certificate, done by an actual living person, and the diagram for each monitor shows, simply, a FLAT RESPONSE. I got them two days ago and very quickly did my first mix with a sound engineer friend (I am a musician and composer), and the difference and upgrade from headphone mixing is unspeakable. Black and sober-looking, these puppies deliver a clean and rich sound, and I sense I haven't explored their full potential yet... Now the next topic: the price: you cannot find these high-ranging quality monitors for this low of a price. The pair costs what one feature-comparable KRK monitor costs. I will be the first to advise to hear all the brands of monitors you can first, because in matters of audio, cost, taste and quality mix differently any one's priorities and music genre. In this price range, these monitors are ultra-competitive, and I would go as far as to say that this pair easily compares to pairs costing $500. If you're not on a budget over $500, I can tell you I am very happy with my active B2031's! Get a pair! (If you're wondering about my set-up: I have these monitors hooked up to a Behringer Xenyx 1204FX Mixer, an Mbox 2, and a Mactel Pro, and they're just a beauty to listen to!)

  • from J. Jones
    September 25, 2012

    Wonderful. Great for desktop mixing.

    I have had a pair of these monitors as my go to desktop setup for going on 7 years. I use them for many purposes, although the one I need them to really shine for is sound mixing for independent film production. I have found them to be great for this purpose. I have them routed through an 8 channel Mackie mixer that is connected both directly to my computer as well as through a separate Protools setup. In both cases they work wonderfully. The sound quality is excellent and there is no distortion, noise, hum, or artifacts. The best part is that the response is so incredibly flat. I find that the mids are solid, bass is full and highs are crisp. The sweet spot is good for a desktop setup, but not great if you want to use these for an entertainment center or to dominate a room. You need to be within a few feet of these to get a good balance with the sound. I have mixed several films on these and the mixes have always worked well in a variety of setups, from a home theater to a full size theater. Nothing will work as well for mixing as an in theater mixing studio, but for an incredibly reasonable price these got me awfully close. When I'm not working, these are just plain wonderful to listen to music on. They sound amazing from jazz to dubstep. The sound is just so damn clean. You can hear every nuance in the recording and the instruments. Volume is more than adequate. You could certainly damage your ear drums with these if you weren't paying attention. I can easily recommend these as some of the best monitors in their price range. I listened to a host of other monitors (including many that were hundreds of dollars more than these) and they were the clear winners for my taste in sound. I was actually stunned that many of the more expensive speakers didn't sound as good. I am not crazy about a lot of Behringer products in general, but these I would buy again in a second. I will be crushed when (and if) these ever die on me.

  • from Seanzilla
    June 06, 2015

    Look no further -- these are the monitors you've been dreaming of!

    I've owned/used a pair of these for nearly 7 years now, and I'm telling you...these things give you the reference sound that you're looking for! Sleek, black, good-looking, and POWERFUL! These monitors hold up in just about any audio environment you could think of. I wouldn't trade them for anything else. I've been a home studio musician/geek for many years now, and although there are many to choose from (monitors) on the market, I went with these because of the reviews I read. Sure, I could have laid down bigger bucks for bigger names, but this is a prime example of why name popularity has nothing to do with quality. Behringer may have been the underdog of audio for many years, but they are certainly growing into their own, and becoming quite a powerhouse in many studios and live performances today. The TRUTH B2031As are a prime example of this, as they have broken through the barriers and ended up in some of the finest mastering studios in the world. And to think you can have these in your own studio at home (or elsewhere) is simply awesome. THE BREAKDOWN: Each speaker is powered by a 125 watt amplifier that really delivers where it counts. With a perfectly tuned cabinet, large 8 3/4" woofer and high-resolution tweeter, the sound is crisp, punchy, and absolutely accurate. I've never had a situation where there was some kind of weird distortion, clicks, hiss, or pops. The sound is undeniably pure in every sense -- just clean as you could imagine. ROOM CONTROL: On the back panel, there are controls to customize the sound of the speaker to the room (acoustics). This is a BIG PLUS for accuracy in sound control, editing, and engineering. Although being on the back panel can be a bit of a pain when setting up, once it's're good to go. No need to change again. INPUT: Options for input are either XLR or 1/4" TRS. It is recommended to use these particular types, and NOT a plain 1/4" plug, in order to reduce frequency hum and interference. I use XLRs for mine. OUTPUT: Simply divine! It's not only great to listen to the work you're doing with them, but to also listen to some of your favorite music/artists as well. Believe me, you'll hear it in a whole new way you would have never imagined! Because of the circuitry in these units, there's no worry about delivering more than they can handle. There's always the built-in limiter LED that will remind you when you're pushing them too hard, and if that thing is staying red -- then you definitely don't know what you're doing. Remember...these are MONITOR/REFERENCE speakers. They are NOT PA SPEAKERS! OVERALL: Like I said, I've owned these for about 7 years now. I can definitely afford a higher price, but these speakers are precisely why you don't have to spend more money. I've had many friends, fellow musicians, and studio gear nuts listen to my setup. Each and every one of them were totally blown away! Several of them converted from M-Audio, JBL and KRK to these, almost within the month. None have been disappointed with their choice either. BOTTOM LINE: If what you've read doesn't at least spark your interest, then I've failed to adequately review these units. If you're interested, and really want the best bang for your buck, then THESE are the speakers YOU NEED!! The price on Amazon is fairly compatible with most places that I've seen, but there may be other options out there as well.

  • from Aphex
    April 25, 2011

    The negative reviews are misplaced.

    FYI: The negative reviews on this listing seem not to be about the speakers, but about specific sellers and shippers. The speakers themselves sound awesome.

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