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Studio Condenser Microphone

C-1 Reviews

4.4/5.0 based on 270 customer reviews

  • from Amazon Customer
    September 13, 2016

    Great Mic For The Price

    Sweet microphone for the 50 dollar price tag. Granted you could spend 100 to 500 dollars for a quality condenser microphone such as a Rode, Electrovoice, Heil, Neumann or others. Yet this little microphone performs well and has good vocal clarity and sounds good to record with or even use in applications such as a home studio or amateur radio which I do both hobbies. I could have dropped 300 to 500 dollars and bought an Electrovoice RE20 or RE320 but I decided to get this one as a nice starter piece in condenser microphones. I also own some Sterling Audio microphones and Shure now but for the 50 dollar price tag it cannot be beat. I've spent 100 to 150 dollars on other microphones and was hardly impressed when comparing them to this little powerhouse. The only thing about it is that you will need phantom power through a phantom power box or to have a mixer or some other device to output the microphone in and amplify the sound. This model is not meant to be used with a computer without using phantom power by purchasing a box for minimal cost of 20 to 50 bucks for phantom power. If you're going to use this microphone type for a computer, buy the Behringer C-1USB model for ten dollars more which is designed to be used with a computer system.

  • from Murl Harmon
    January 12, 2014

    Top Notch

    Man this is an Excellent mic. Really picks up with clarity! I would suggest a screen to go in front to prevent the "P" popping but other than that it is outstanding. I've used it for pod cast and am not disappointed.

  • from Amazon Customer
    July 21, 2013

    Still works great!

    It's been a year or two and this still works great, hooked it up to an audio interface (M-Audio) and the quality is great, especially for the price!

  • from ilya vokhmin
    April 18, 2009

    Incredible for such a cheap mic

    Ok, so this mic is what like 30-50 dollars, that's practically cheap enough to be a little toy mic, but this thing is anything but, it may not be a u87, but ill tell u this, its at least got like 200-300 dollar quality sound, meaning that this thing sounds like a real microphone, this is the most important thing to me, i use it for recording music, mostly vocals, and when you record with this thing, you dont get any comments like, "that sounds like a cheap mic", which is amazing considering the price. you should know that this thing is very like directional and an up-close microphone, not very good for recording ambiance or maybe a large source like a group, but it works in very well for vocals and up close recording like that, i can leave my window open with noise coming through and people talking outside and stuff and this microphone doesnt get any of it, only whats in front. Defintely worth the money.

  • from LeviMusic
    May 03, 2013

    Great Mic!

    I've been working with this mic for about a year and a half. When I first received the mic, I hooked it up to my Xenyx 502 mixer and got annoying hiss (white noise). Found out that was a common problem for that mixer, however dynamic mics work just fine with it. Purchased an Avid M Audio Fast Track Interface w/ Pro Tools SE about a month later and this mic and I have been honey mooning ever since. My only con is turning the gain to high on my M Audio interface causes a bit of a white noise but not nearly as bad as the one I got using the Xenyx. I'm in the process of updating everything in my home studio and I've heard great things about the B-1 (supposed to be better then the C-1) so that will be my next purchase! Don't be skeptical about the prices Behringer offers. I've been buying products from them since I started taking my recording career seriously and for the most part I am satisfied.

  • from Pradeep T
    February 06, 2010

    Value for money

    A very good product, value for money. The microphone was purchased for a online radio program, recorded at home. Along with the Icicle blue and the XLR cable provided a good solution.

  • from LJ KING
    June 13, 2016

    awesome microphone

    Awesome microphone for vocals live or studio

  • from BEAMER
    December 12, 2013


    I bought this for doing hobby recording. I can tell you its great. To everyone complaining of "no USB or NOT powered" You should read product descriptions better. I run this into a Behringer Xenyx 802 w/ the additional Y cable to run into my laptop sound card. adn a 6 foot xlr cable. I think the whole set up was around 130 bucks all from amazon. Thisis a killer deal and if it does go out on you,, your not out a whole lot of $$. I run a Behringer 60 watt V-tone 1X12 and a Bugera V5 amps they are solid. Good company, but not much for customer service.

  • from John P.
    September 11, 2011

    A great inexpensive condenser microphone

    I was a little hesitant about getting this mic due to it's really low price, but I have to admit, it is hands down MUCH better than the dynamic mic I was using before. Recorded sound is much richer and lifelike. If you're on a serious budget (like me) but want a decent mic, this is it!

  • from gnikmit
    March 31, 2015

    If there's one thing Behringer does right...

    Exceeded my expectations. No reason to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a studio vocal mic when there's this. If you know what you're doing, you'll have major league sound. I've had two of these for five years now and they haven't ceased to satisfy.

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