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24-Channel, 4-Bus Recording/Live-Mixer

  • 24 Microphone/Line inputs 16 mono and 4 stereo
  • Ultra low-noise, discrete microphone preamps with +48 V phantom power and switchable low-cut filter
  • 24 balanced Line inputs and 16 balanced XLR Microphone inputs with gold-plated contact surface
  • 4 subgroups equipped with independent Pan and Solo functions, Main mix switches and individual Insert connections
  • 6 Master aux sends with Gain control and Solo function
  • 2 multi-functional stereo Aux returns featuring individual Level and Pan controls, Solo and routing switches
  • Ultra-musical original EURODESK 4-band EQ (stereo channels) and 3-band EQ with semi-parametric Mids (mono channels)
  • 2 pre-/post-fader switchable Aux sends and 4 permanent post-fader Aux sends for maximum flexibility of monitoring functions and effects routing
  • Insert facility on all mono channels, subgroups and the main mix
  • Clear and easy comprehensible design as split console with input and main sections
  • State of the art 4580 ICs and high-quality components guarantee crystal-clear audio performance and excellent noise figures
  • RCA connections for 2-track recorders (input and output); input assignable to main mix or monitor section
  • Extremely high headroom and huge dynamic range
  • External power supply design provides endless power resources, superior transient response and noise-free audio
  • Balanced inputs and Main mix outputs for highest possible signal quality
  • LED indicators for Mute, Solo and PFL functions
  • Individual outputs for main mix, control room and headphones
  • Extremely versatile Headphone and Talkback section; high-precision, 8-segment LED metering device for input channels, main mix and subgroups; highest quality faders and sealed potentiometers; BNC connector for 12 V gooseneck light
  • High-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long life
  • 3-Year Warranty Program*
  • Designed and engineered in Germany


The MX2442A features the same specs and functions as the MX3282A, but saves a lot of space when 20 channels (16 mono, 4 stereo), 4 subgroups and 6 aux sends will fill the bill. Two of its aux sends are pre/post switchable; the other four share two pots switchable in pairs and are fixed post-fader. Two stereo aux returns are supplied. Like its big brother, the MX2442A also comes with an external, rack-mountable power supply for enormous headroom and clean audio with a minimum of interference.