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18-Channel, 12-Bus Digital Mixer for iPad/Android Tablets with 16 Programmable MIDAS Preamps, Integrated Wifi Module and Multi-Channel USB Audio Interface

X AIR X18 Reviews

3.9/5.0 based on 18 customer reviews

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  • from Vicken Ichkhan
    September 11, 2016

    Great deal

    This mixer exceeded my expectations for sure, it has more features than all competing brands like Mackie and sound craft with less money! They improved their quality over the years but it has only been a week since I've been using it so I'll find out. So far I've used it with iPad2 and iPad Pro and Nexus 7, all 3 accessing the device at once with no problems, the app did not install on my iPhone 6s Plus even though it is 10 times more powerful than my 5 year old Nexus!! One feature it has is enough to make you buy it, it has Intranet plug that allows you to connect it to a personal monitor and have your own 16 track mix, I did not see any other brand have it at this price. This mixer will not replace my computer interface because it is only 16 bit, reverbs sound great, EQ is awesome, guitar amp is average but it has 4 effects slots could be used as inserts too while Mackie only has 2. I read all the reviews before I decided to but it, many people have issues with wifi, it is the inherent problem with wifi and the way devices connect and not the fault of the X18, make sure you disable all other networks (forget this network) in iOS because when your tablet sleeps then wakes up it might decide to connect to some other wifi network. The smart device apps have different layouts and features between platforms but the PC app has all the features. Watch the YouTube videos, they are essential.

  • from Brent S. Berry
    May 24, 2016

    Behringer knocks it out of the park on this one!!

    I purchased this mixer to replace a mostly analog system that had a combined weight of around 60lbs. This mixer does everything my analog system did, plus TONS MORE at a quarter of the weight. BUT one needs to have a moderate amount of sound engineering knowledge to understand the routing, dynamics, and bussing. Beginners will want to commit a sizable chunk of time to watching the tutorial videos found on YouTube. This really isn't a mixer for someone that just wants to plug and play. It can be done, but the sound quality will definitely be lacking. This can cause some to blame the mixer. 9.5 times out of 10, the problem with a mix will be the operators error or lack of familiarity with the system. Given its complexity and lack of knobs and faders at the fingertips, this mixer can be sometimes frustrating to use in a live show emergency. (insert Golem voice) Nasty ol' feedsbacks!! If you're running this via a tablet or small screened laptop, you'll have to learn to quickly navigate menus and sub screens to fix the problem. But, that's the trade one makes for this kind of flexibility and portability. For me, these are top priorities. Plan on having longer sound checks. Perhaps the best compromise would be a large touch screen monitor laid on its back. This would offer all the necessary screen real estate to have the most important elements of the mixer available at the fingertips. Once the foundation of the mix is set at FOH, the sound guy can grab a tablet and wander around the audience area to fine tune. Or, leave the mixer at the stage and do the whole job via tablet. Your choice! It's great to have that choice. With built in WiFi, this mixer offers great versatility. If this mixer will be used to run a show with a large audience, keep in mind that there may be a lot of devices polluting the 2.4ghz channels. If you start noticing a lot of lag in the screen response, or dropped connection, outside interference is the cause. The built in WiFi uses the 2.4ghz band and has very limited range and security. This makes it susceptible to interference when competing devices are present. This includes some wireless mics and instrument packs. If you're using WiFi along with wireless packs, make sure to set everything on different channels. I use a WiFi scanner app on my laptop to show me the least polluted channel available. The best fix in this situation is to use a stand alone WiFi router that works on 5ghz band. Set the mixer's network switch to Ethernet and plug into the router directly. Or, set to WiFi Client and connect to an existing WiFi network. This will allow the connection between the mixer and your control device (if it works on 5ghz) to be cleaner and more reliable. As an added bonus, you'll have greater range and security. I use a Line 6 wireless mic and instrument pack. It took me a little while to figure out why the guitar kept cutting out, and my iPad kept losing connection. Turns out I had the mixer and instrument pack both on channel 6. They were competing and interfering with each other. See...operator error, not the mixer's fault. I've heard of some complaining about X-18's built-in WiFi being cheap and useless. They were probably unaware of the 2.4ghz conflicts they had going on. Behringer should discuss this in their manual. This mixer was the perfect solution for all my musical needs/wants. I've been wanting to make multitrack recordings of my live shows, AND be able to easily have bumper music ready to go. This is all done with a single USB cord between the mixer and my MacBook. Simultaneously, all in the same laptop, I can control the mix, record to a DAW, and send iTunes music to separate channels in the mixer. This can be done on the console at my church, but I can do this at a fraction of the size, weight, and cost. Another reason the X-18 is the perfect unit for me is that I was looking for a way to record in my home studio. No need to purchase an expensive 3 or 4 channel interface. I now have an 18 channel interface. The X-18 is small enough to set up on a computer desk and record directly into Garage Band. Or whatever DAW you choose to use. As is typical with all my experiences with Behringer products, the manual will leave you scratching your head. They have improved a bit since Midas bought them, but YouTube to the rescue...again! There are plenty of X-Touch (mixer app) specific videos available from Behringer and other contributors. These will give you the basic nuts and bolts of the software, but to really learn how to properly use dynamics, EQ's, FX, etc, you'll have to find general sound engineering tutorials. Be careful though, if you have any nerd blood flowing in you, you'll get hooked! This mere "necessary evil" of having to amplify your band's sound for an audience will quickly become a passion for tweaking every setting the X-18/XR-18 offers to squeeze out the best sounding music your speakers will deliver.

  • from Amazon Customer
    April 26, 2016

    Five Stars

    This is excellent

  • from Orlando De La Mota
    May 06, 2016

    Five Stars


  • from fabiomiami
    August 24, 2016

    Five Stars


  • from G. Erickson
    June 23, 2016

    Lots of Features in a Small Package

    This is a surprisingly able mixer. I have been doing audio for years as both a musician and a sound tech. I was worried about not having all the knobs and sliders and I still am a bit. However, I think Behringer nailed it when they went all in with this board. I do believe this is the future. While you don't have the traditional surface, you have so many other indicators that you would only find on high end boards. I am an electrical engineer, so signal routing comes pretty naturally. That said, the interface, while pretty well polished, is complex at times, especially when trying to do things like inserts, etc. There are a great series of You Tube videos on how to run it. I was a little disappointed that is doesn't work with an iPhone, only iPads for Apple folks. I was able to download an APK for my Kindle Fire and it worked well. I didn't think the Android app was as polished at the iPad one, but definitely serviceable. The Kindle Fire makes very a very inexpensive control surface. The XR18 seems to be more popular, but they appear nearly identical in features. Based on what I saw on the Behringer web site, they even use the same firmware. All the XR18 guides I have seen have been 100% applicable to the X18.

  • from Aaron Aranita
    April 08, 2016

    X18 fan

    I was looking for another USB interface for recording. The X18 packs more features than any comparable interface at it's price range. 18 channels in one pass, and it works as advertised once I had it set up. All this and you can take it to your gig to run sound. Unbeatable value!

  • from Bob Smith
    June 27, 2016


    Will I got this for are Church back in March It was working great till Last weekend then channel 4 went out not a big deal just move xlr to another channel . So on Monday Called Sweetwater tech . told them what happened and with out a Question even though its pass 30 days . They had a new one in hands by Wednesday. Even though the channel went down I have had this happen on really high end equip. so for it to happen is not. all bad . The fact this thing is great for the price and the sound is unreal. When you can call and get taken care of like that . You know the people there love their jobs . Thank you Sweetwater. Bob Smith

  • from John Derado
    September 18, 2016

    Take the plunge

    While I was very skeptical of Behring products, I was urged to give the digital products a try. I am very glad I did. The versatility of this product is beyond compare. Consequently there is a learning curve for analogue indoctrinated dinosaurs such as myself. It required a huge leap of faith to lose access to moving buttons, but that faith is rewarded in sheer versatility. Whether recording, or live, or both, chances are good you will run out of things to throw at this beast. From the effects to the usb, Main outs rca or aux sends, busses, the sound is clean with decent headroom all around. My 1/2 star deduction is strictly a personal thing. If the desktop model depth was just 1/2" - 1" shallower, it would fit easily into a larger laptop case. Word of advice, take full advantage of the many informative videos available. Also, the Ethernet plug into a laptop secures connectivity. Still, get a dual band router, and set it up to secure your connections. Have fun and enjoy this thing. I know I will.

  • from Customer
    May 06, 2016

    Beginners x18

    We like this product, but we couldn't use our phone to run it and the iPad was too old and couldn't get an app. So we're having to buy a special iPad for it.

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