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Digital 2-Channel 2-Band Loudness Maximizer / Program Enhancer

  • Doubles the loudness of your recordings and sound reinforcement systems without any distortion
  • Ultimate mastering machine maximizes signal energy with absolutely inaudible and tranparent compression
  • Variable band-split compression eliminates virtually any gain intermodulation effects, such as “bass pumping”, etc.
  • Multiband “brickwall” limiter protects against any clipping and dangerous sound pressure levels
  • Built-in Denoiser and Exciter for noise-free and ultra-transparent sound
  • 3D Stereo Surround Processor provides unbelievable spatial enhancement and improved stereo imaging
  • Super bass enhancer psycho-acoustically creates an incredible bass sound below your loudspeaker’s frequency range
  • Incorporated leveler for constant average output level while retaining the instantaneous dynamics
  • Free ULTRAMIZER software allows for total remote control via PC (download at
  • 20-bit A/D and D/A converters with 64/128 times oversampling for ultra-high headroom and resolution
  • Internal 24-bit processing with professional 46 kHz sampling rate
  • Servo-balanced inputs and outputs on gold-plated XLR and TRS jack connectors for high signal integrity
  • 50 user presets to store programs for instant recall
  • Accurate 8-segment LED level and gain reduction meters for optimum performance
  • “Future-proof” software-upgradeable architecture
  • Full MIDI capability allows real-time parameter control and program selection
  • High-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long life
  • 3-Year Warranty Program*
  • Designed and engineered in Germany


The digital 2-band concept of the ULTRAMIZER PRO allows separate, program-adaptive compression and limiting for low and high frequencies, ensuring ultimate punch and loudness. Its surround processor and 2-band enhancer give your mixes that extra gloss, while the noise reduction system keeps things clean. Nonetheless, the DSP1400P is a breeze to operate.