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2500 Watt 2 Way 12" Powered Loudspeaker with KLARK TEKNIK DSP Technology, Speaker Modelling and ULTRANET Networking

iQ iQ12 Reviews

5/5.0 based on 8 customer reviews

  • from Buddy Vantreese
    October 07, 2016

    Clear,powerful and affordable

    performs great in any size venue.....paired with some kicking woofers they can't be beat....and very affordable

  • from Bryan Lockwood
    July 18, 2016

    IQ12's With IQ18B's Rock

    I bought two IQ12's and several IQ18B's from Sweetwater a couple of weeks ago and just had a chance to use them yesterday. Let me tell you that these speakers are phenomenal for what they cost. I hooked them up using the Ultranet system and it was very easy to configure both my X32 and the speakers. The Ultranet connection is virtually noise free. I had to max out the channel gain and max out the channel fader and the master fader to get any noise to come through at all. It's very quiet. I had everything set up at the gym at our church and had an entertainer as part of a program last night. He had a keyboard, guitar, cd player and a mic and was mixing his own signal through a small Mackie mixer on stage. I took a single feed off his mixer into my system so I was running mono and it sounded great. Even running mono I still had a semi stereo image which I was surprised with. Everything was very clean and clear and the system overall is very smooth. I did not have to EQ much at all. I bought this system to replace a two double 18 with two double 15 top system that I was using. That system was a little bit too much in this smaller space. It also gives me a little more flexibility. The only thing negative that I found is that this system is quite a bit softer than I was expecting given the specifications. I had to set the gain to +10 (max) on both the mains and the subs to get enough volume to fill the gym. The limiters are not engaged (I double checked that). Having said that, If you are planning on using these outdoors or in a venue larger than a small gym, you would definitely need to double up on the speakers to have sufficient volume (two 18's and two 12's per side). The other thing I noticed was that the stereo spread wasn't as wide as I was hoping for. Just running music through the system produces a decent stereo image but not nearly as wide as my main system does. The fact that I am running several high end amps for my main rig is where the difference is though. Overall I am very impressed with these speakers and would not hesitate recommending them for anyone doing small to medium sized indoor gigs or smaller outdoor gigs where the crowd is pretty close to the stage.. Definitely worth the investment.

  • from Dj Ray
    March 18, 2016

    Awesome power speakers

    These are by far the best powered speakers in the business I teamed these up with two IQ18B'S and wow is all I can say deep bass and clear highs at 12 o'clock settings and 9 o'clock stating on the mixer and the sound was incredibly. These speakers are everthing they say they are and some. I would recommend these to anyone who is looking for powered speakers.

  • from Brett
    October 18, 2015

    Amazing Clarity

    I was apprehensive when I purchased these, along with a pair of iq15b subs. The specs sounded good but reviews on them are hard to find. I'm glad I took a chance. I am SO HAPPY with these. I paired them with a Behringer XR18 mixer so I could connect the speakers via ultranet. Each speaker will tell you if it is not connecting to the network. We are a progressive metal band with a large drum set and two guitars doing harmony leads. Our first show with these speakers was outside in a city park. They handled it beautifully. From the bass drum thump to the highest vocal, everything was crystal clear. Every instrument could be heard. A second pair of iq12's and iq15b's would have provided better lateral coverage, but it was beautiful for only a 4 speaker setup outside. I would recommend these to anyone running sound for their own band.

  • from Patrick Chapman
    June 23, 2016

    Incredible Speakers

    We just purchased 2 of the IQ12's and they sound amazing. The highs are very clear and has a very deep bass. You could almost use these as subs also. We will definitely be buying more.

  • from Dave Nelson
    February 02, 2016

    Beautiful Speakers! Amazing Sound Quality!

    These speakers are a thing of beauty! I ordered two of the iQ12 speakers from Sweetwater and let me say first how impressed I am with Sweetwater's outstanding customer service. My Sweetwater sales rep went a little above the call of duty in my opinion to make sure my order arrived promptly and safely. The speakers themselves are beautiful. When I received them, I immediately unpackaged the speakers and connected them to my Behringer mixer and my computer, and was blown away by the sound quality and clarity. I do not have an Ultranet equipped mixer, so I connected them via XLR cables. I am still learning all the controls and features these speakers offer, but I will say these speakers are impressive. They're amazing quality at a great price.

  • from Customer
    August 20, 2016

    Great Clear Sounding Speakers!!!

    Had Yamaha DXR15 and had to sell them because these are way more better. The sound quality is unbelievable and the speaker DSP already does everything you need.

  • from Jason Dunn
    March 10, 2016

    The Absolutely Fantastic Turbo Sound IQ12

    This speaker is extremely powerful for its light weight. i really love that one can preset different gig environments and tech specs via your tablet or laptop even before setting up. While setup and playing sound the learn function is cool, learning the environment it plays in. i am seriously happy with my purchase. I will be purchasing the IQ18B bins soon!!!! Keep up the good work Turbo Sound!

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