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61-Key USB/MIDI Master Controller Keyboard with Motorized Faders and Touch-Sensitive Pads

MOTÖR 61 Reviews

4.8/5.0 based on 3 customer reviews

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  • from Ron K Powers II
    August 23, 2016

    Five Stars

    Sounds great

    September 08, 2016


    After the LONG wait for this board to come to market it is here and it is mighty! It is easy to program without the absolutely annoying Novation Automap program. the keys are fantastic, they rival Fatar synth keys in every respect. I am still in the learning phase of programming it, but it it good old basic MIDI and Mackie control. No program to map all the buttons to the software in places you would never assign them to. I am sure Behringer will come out with subsequent Firmware updates, there is one to do when you get the board and if it fails the first time you try, just breath and do it again and poof it worked. So far I love it. The layout is fantastic, the build is more robust than you would expect from a plastic keyboard, no flimsy whisper light plastic. Strong stable case. I love the wheel pith and mod wheels. The pads are great, all the controls are great. I will write one more update when I have learned this board completely. Oh, and great software package!

    August 31, 2016

    Initial Review

    I gave this MIDI board 4.5 stars because of the build quality, the software package and the feel of the keys, I also like the layout. It is obviouse however that it will probably need at least 1 more firmware update after the latest one to get it all up to speed. I also hope they put out a SONAR mapping manual like they did for some other DAW's like they did for Bitwig, Live, Logic and Reaper. As far as functionality goes, I will have to wait to comment on that. They had LOTS of trouble with this during the boards travel to market. I did get a call from the product manager of this instrument at Behringer about a question I had about the board before I got it. He was very helpful and extremely knowledgable and by all that he said they/Behringer had either fixed or were fixing all the Firmware Problems and would continue to release updates. There is one update that needs to be done when your board arrives just as a heads up thing it comes with ver. 1.073 and there is a ver. 1.074 on the Behringer website.

Reviews from the Press

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