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Next-Generation Modeling Guitar Amplifier with 480 Virtual Combos and USB Audio Interface

V-AMP 3 Reviews

4.2/5.0 based on 67 customer reviews

  • from Franklin J. Rabon
    December 16, 2010

    Great Tones, okay design, Amazing Value

    I am still shocked at how great sounding this thing is and how much use I get out of it. I haven't had a single issue with it, other than the fact that its kind of ugly and isn't as cool looking as a Marshall Half stack or Fender Twin. First thing you will want to do when you buy this amp is do a google search for behringer v amp 3, find the official behringer page for this and dowload and print out the full manual for this thing. The included manual in the box is pretty bad. The full manual goes into MUCH more detail. A slight, but easily remedied annoyance. Secondly, It's kinda ugly. I don't know why the decided it needed to be in the shape of a guitar, it kinda lends to a kitschy feel that is aided by the red plastic (I guess they were trying to make it kinda look like a Line 6 POD?) Thirdly, the interface takes a little getting used to, and isn't super convenient if you decide you want a different sound while playing in a club with it. Hard to fault it here though, as with the number of options you have, I don't really know how it could be easy to come up with something new in a dimly lit club. There is an easy solution, just limit yourself to the presets you created at home while onstage. Now that those relatively minor negatives are out of the way, lets get to the positives. 1) Tone for days! My best friend plays a '63 Fender Strat through a '65 Twin, a vintage Marshall Plexi, a Fender Vibroverb (actually its two numbers away in the serial number from SRV's Vibroverb) and several other super legit amps. We go back and forth writing songs and after I got this he kept remarking on how good my tone was, I told him he was in for a surprise when he actually came over. He was thinking that I bought a Fuchs or something like that with the crazy good combo of clean tones I was getting, mildly overdriven and full on overdriven lead. He was shocked and partially appalled when he saw that those great tones were coming from this humble little hunk of plastic. 2) Preset presets are great, making your own are even better! When I first got this, I kinda played around with the presets for a while and they were usually very good sounding. Then I started playing around with the different amps and found a couple I liked. I was more or less satisfied that I probably got around 4-5 tones I really liked. Then I found the full manual on the behringer website and ventured into the waters of tweaking the cabinet simulations, reverb settings and noise gates. That's when the magic came alive. How I would recommend using this thing is going through the list of amps you want to try, setting all the tone controls to 5, gain level at the type of overdrive you want and then going into the edit mode and changing the cabinet around until you found one you like. The differences in the cabinets are HUGE. A substantially bigger difference than you'll find in real life, where most cabs sound pretty similar. Once you've gotten the best sound you can get with the particular amp and cab combo, pick the type of reverb you want. For whatever reason the thing tends to default to type 8, which to me is by far the worst of the reverb settings. I tend to favor types 2,3 and 7 for clean sounds 1,6 and 8 for overdriven (though occasionally the crazy type 5 is fun for wild overdriven tones). Once youve set your reverb and speaker cab, exit edit mode and then start tweaking the tone controls. You will find a TON of great tones. 3) Preset making is easy and limits you in a good way on the stage. I have a Fender Strat and an Epiphone Dot with Gibson '59 Classic humbuckers installed. These two guitars lend themselves to relatively different settings. No problem, what I did was made odd page presets for the strat (or any single coiled guitar) and even page presets for the Dot (or any humbucker guitar). Honestly on stage I don't want to page through a ton of pages, so I just limit myself to the 5 tones on the given page I'm on. It kind of sounds limiting until you think "well hey, I ONLY have 5 amps to chose from at any given point in time." The footswitch (not included) lets you switch into an overdriven model for leads and back for clean rhythm. I usually will just put it direct into the PA, though I do have a 2x12 speaker cabine and a power amp that I will use sometimes as well (though if I have to lug an amp around, I will usually bring my Princeton Reverb). 4) If you can't tell, this thing has replaced my actual real amps most of the time. I bought this thing as a practice amp and to occasionally get some different tones on recordings. Then my amp crapped out on me for a week and I made do with this. And I loved it. It wasn't better sounding, but it wasn't noticeably worse either, and all the different tones I could access. Sure, you look kinda weird, as people scan the stage for your amp. But sound guys love you. Your bandmates may make fun of you, that is until they realize how much better the stage volume is and how you have to carry one less piece of equipment. When the Princeton came back I used it at most of my gigs, but would occasionally get lazy and just grab the V-3. Now I only really bring the Princeton if the place I'm playing can't really support my guitar though the monitors. The other guitarist I sometimes play with lugs around a Fender Super Reverb, which looks cooler, but I laugh during load out. 5) It can even be used for things besides guitar! Home recording one day my XLR to USB converter crapped out on me when I was trying to record some harmonica parts. Well, I thought, we will see what it sounds like if I plug a harmonica green bullet mic directly into the the V-amp's tube preamp setting. It was fantastic sounding! Much better than direct recording and then EQing through My Audio Technica AT2020 USB mic. I now even occasionally record some vocals this way, if I want that warm, occasionally breaks up when you really lean into it, Stax soul vocal sound (not to say I can sing like Otis Redding or anything). (note, to do this you will need an XLR to 1/4" TRS cable, the V-Amp 3 only accepts 1/4" TRS inputs) In sum, this is a great product, especially if you really learn how to use it. It could be slightly easier to use and cooler looking, but with tones like these for $100, how can you really complain that it looks cheap? It is cheap, it just doesn't sound cheap at all. Finally, I have a friend is a Line 6 Pod and this thing blows the doors off it. Sure, you won't sound like you're playing a Dumble or Egnater, but you definitely don't sound like you're playing a $100 hunk of ugly red plastic either.

  • from Robert H. Dapp JR.
    February 03, 2016

    Five Stars

    V-Amp 3 is a great product. It has killer amp simulations, and you can't beat it for the price!

  • from Linskey
    September 09, 2016

    A gazillion effect settings.

    This is fun for me because my fender champion doesn't have a lot of effects settings. This has so many I'm overwhelmed. I'm sure I'll like it even better if I ever figure out how to work it.

  • from Amazon Customer
    April 25, 2016

    It's awesome!

    Can't be beat for the cost. I've put my Guitar Amp's in the corner & just run this puppy through the PA. It's awesome!

  • from guitarfixation
    April 09, 2014

    behringer v-amp

    the best 100.00 bucks you will spend on a piece of music gear. have the vamp 2, bought this one for back up. just as good, if not better than vamp 2

  • from G. Tubin
    July 15, 2016

    Go from Eddie VH to BB K with a flip of a switch!

    this is amazing. i only play through my headphones, but it sounds great and is very diverse in its settings. Only wish it had an on/off switch as I have to constantly plug/unplug it for each use.

  • from S. Skolout
    March 23, 2013

    This thing is great!

    I got this to take with me when I travel. It does tons of stuff. I haven't even totally figured it out yet. I use it a few hours a week. Like it way more than my little Marshall amp.

  • from Vicky Jones
    January 22, 2014

    Son's Christmas Gift is a big hit!

    I got this for my son for Christmas and he is so impressed with it. He has played the guitar for at least 10 years, is very good with electronics and is so happy with this. He said the sound is great and he puts headphones on so it doesn't bother anyone else. GREAT PURCHASE!

  • from bookgirl
    November 23, 2015

    Very easy to use.

    I enjoy the clean sounds in particular.

  • from guitar shredder
    July 30, 2014

    Five Stars

    great amp for blues distortion,and solo,wah sounds so so I like the megadeth and dokken distortion!

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