ECM8000 Reviews



Ultra-Linear Measurement Condenser Microphone

ECM8000 Reviews

4.4/5.0 based on 63 customer reviews

  • from Ruhtra
    May 23, 2015

    Great Performance for the Price

    This is an excellent Microphone with a flat response. I use it with a software based RTA which includes a pinked white noise generator to identify room acoustic problems. For the price and performance this is an good choice.

  • from Philip
    December 19, 2012

    It Works

    Behringer is one of those brands that you generally shouldn't trust when working in professional audio, but they have a few products that actually meet or exceed standards. The Behringer cable tester is one of them. And as it happens, so is the ECM8000 measurement mic. Yes, the response curve is isn't calibrated, but you can download a generic file, or you can send it somewhere to be calibrated. The build quality is good, and the frequency response was good enough in my tests with Smaart. And you just can't beat the price.

  • from Mark King
    February 20, 2014

    A great inexpensive omni microphone for recording

    This is basically a flat response omni directional microphone for use with Behringer frequency response analyzers, but my favorite application is alternative drum overhead. I have this omni overhead next to my stereo overhead mic, I track them all to different tracks when recording, then when mixing I sometimes turn off the toms and overheads and switch to the mono track from this mic, it gives a completely different feel to the drum sound, much more vintage and center focused, it's a great way to process drums for not much money. For a church that is looking to mic a drum set you can fly one of these in front of the drummers forehead and mic the kick with one other mic, you'll have a good natural drum kit sound with only two microphones. I bought mine for recording and live sound applications, it sounds as good as many of my much more expensive omni-directional microphones. Good luck and good music to all

  • from Fleabyte
    August 07, 2014

    You won't believe it, but I have to adamantly recommend a Behringer measurement microphone.

    Like most Behringer products, the ECM8000 has a borderline intolerable noise floor and requires quite a bit of gain (more than you would expect from a small diaphragm condenser), so I wouldn't recommend that this be used to record anything or mic a live band. HOWEVER, when compared on a transfer function graph to the the transfer function graph of an Earthworks M50 - yes, a $1,300 Earthworks M50 microphone - the traces are nearly identical ... even at 1/12 octave band resolution! That's pretty impressive. I am able to get very accurate results tuning large, multi-zone sound systems with this microphone, and I don't even have to spend my entire fee on buying the measurement mic. How about that? Every sound designer or engineer (who knows how to correctly tune sound systems) should have one in their backpack.

  • from burr
    September 02, 2015

    Five Stars

    neet mic

  • from Tony
    September 25, 2014


    the product is described as seller. Excellent.

  • from Pedro
    December 10, 2014

    Five Stars

    Pretty good

  • from Tom Atkin
    May 12, 2015

    Five Stars

    This is a great tool

  • from robert m rehrig
    September 27, 2015

    serious about your sound

    works great

  • from bill schwab
    January 07, 2015

    Five Stars

    Great piece of equipment. All as dedscribed.

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