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  • from Baron
    March 27, 2014


    INTRO I have had the Behringer FX2000 3D for 12 days now. I have played with it for many hours each day after work and on the weekends. I've used every single setting there is for all the effects. I figured out all the menu options pretty quickly, mostly without reading the manual. It's pretty easy to use for this type of effects box. It's so jam packed with effects and options. I love it. BUILD QUALITY The quality of the build is fantastic. I love the rubbery slip free feel of the knobs and I like the solid feel of the switches. It has durable metal housing also. It's built like a tank. I have had zero problems with this unit. There are no software glitches. Everything works perfects and reliably 100% of the time. SOUND QUALITY The sound quality is really good for most of the effects. The pitch shift effect is the main exception to this (see below). I found the reverb and echo effects to be of very good quality. They sound realistic. There are quite enough options to keep me happy. I was able to get that cosmic mind blowing reverb some people seek, especially in the trance scene, by setting the reverb controls just right for the cathedral reverb effect. Other than the digital artifacts present in the pitch shift effect (see below), I found no noticeable noise for any effects except when using the distortion effects turned up pretty high (which is normal for a distortion unit). I love the distortion on this unit. There are tons of options allowing me to get just the right distortion style for a particular sound I'm looking for. The distortion effects are very good quality. Noise is only present when they are over used, just as is the case with real analog audio distortion units. I found the digital distortion to emulate analog distortion very well in many settings. SURPRISES One effect that surprised me was the sampler, which is not really an "effect". It supports looping and overdubbing, which is quite handy when messing around live because it's so easy to use. It can also play in reverse, and at 1/2 the speed in either direction. While I do have digital recording equipment that can also do this, it's simpler and quicker to use the FX2000 for creating basic audio loops. I found that I use it quite a bit for this purpose. There's 1 additional multi-effect chain present in the distortion section called Vocal Distortion which is distortion + delay + flanger. This is a pretty useful multi-effects combination. Two other surprises are the Auto Panning and Tremolo effects when used with the Saw Down waveform option in conjunction with the Auto Modulation setting turned up all the way. This produces a rapid banjo-like strumming sound which increases in speed as the input volume level increases. Used with a synthesizer, this can produce a very interesting effect. COMPLEXITY Each effect has up to 6 controls that can be changed, and some control settings produce very dramatic changes in the effect. For example, the basic echo effect's control settings are a bit complex, more complex than most echo effects I've used in the past. It takes some getting used to. I would be very disappointed if it wasn't as complex as it is though. There are other simpler to use, less feature rich effects boxes out there, and for the less technically inclined they might be a bit overwhelmed by the many options available in the FX2000. But for people that love tweaking effects to get the exact combination they are looking for, this is a great effects unit. Some of the sound effects available are not obvious at first, and require tweaking to get them to be very useful musically. For example, the rapid banjo strumming effect requires going into the Tremolo effect's menu options and selecting the Saw Down waveform and turning up the Auto Modulation setting, producing a pretty awesome sound that's totally unlike a typical tremolo effect. NEGATIVES The one effect that was a bit disappointing was the pitch shift effect. I was hoping it might sound as real as the other effects, but it doesn't. It would be unbelievable actually if it did at this price, because realistic pitch shifting units are super expensive. Real time live pitch shifting effects require very intense processing power. This unit's pitch shifting is not accurate, producing very distinct digital artifacts as you shift up or down past 5 semi-tones. It can be used for some very interesting effects, but because of the digital artifacts which increase as you bend further up or down it's not that useful for a vocal harmonizer. It's got it's uses, but expect that if shifted too much it doesn't sound real and is not accurate. For example, if I play a pure perfect digital sine wave at middle C using a digital synthesizer and then I shift it up 1 octave using the FX2000, the sound it produces is no longer a pure sine wave. I can very clearly hear frequency beating in the sound wave as if there are two voices playing slightly off key from each other, even when just playing the single shifted sound from the FX2000 without the original middle C sound playing. Even when set to just shift 1 voice up 1 octave it always sounds like it's producing 2 voices shifted up 1 octave that are slightly off key from each other producing a beating effect. There is no way to get rid of the beating effect. The beating is very obvious when shifting 1 octave. It does sound pretty cool though as a digital sound effect. Sometimes a digital effect that's obviously digital can add a nice touch when used properly. The other disappointment is that you cannot create your own multi-effects chains. The multi-effects chains it can produce are presets only (i.e., delay+reverb, flanger+reverb, etc.). You can alter the parameters for them, change how they are ordered, but you cannot create your own effects chains. If you wanted tremolo+phaser, for example, there is no option for that effects chain. SUMMARY This unit is GREAT as an addition to any synthesizer. It's got some really good effects that none of my synthesizers have built in. I can get some pretty amazing mind blowing sounds from this unit when used in conjunction with my synthesizers. I highly recommend this to anyone using synthesizers who's familiar with tweaking complex effects, filters, LFOs, etc. This unit is almost like a super effects synthesizer without the oscillators and keyboard. I am VERY SATISFIED with this purchase. The FX2000 is truly a Swiss army knife effects box. It does a ton of things not found on other effects boxes. It does most of them very well and most of the effects sound realistic. The distortion alone is worth the price of this unit. But if you're looking for very realistic pitch shifting effect, you are better off buying units solely devoted to pitch shifting, and expect to pay MORE for that affect alone. A realistic sounding pitch shifter alone will cost about 5-10 times as much as this unit costs. Live real time pitch shifting requires a very high level of processing power in order to sound realistic.

  • from JD
    March 23, 2013

    Great! Worth every penny!

    Used similar box from Behringer back in the 80's so this is a blast from the past. Using with 16 channel mixer board in church sound room for vocal effects. More than enough effects. Attached to board using effects send and receive therefore you can choose what channels/mics are using the effects and how much effect for each. Per manual you should not plug a microphone nor instrument directly into the effect box. Hope this helps...

  • from antonio r lopez
    August 13, 2014

    Five Stars

    this vertualizer is awesome!!! it does a graet job i recomended it to every one....

  • from norm
    September 09, 2016

    Great deal

    This is a great item, I just love it. I use it on my Mackie 1402 board, and what a difference it makes in vocals, and instruments.

  • from Robert C. Martello
    July 26, 2015

    Great Stuff

    Nothing beats this for the price.

  • from Phil M.
    July 07, 2016

    Great Unit! Fantastic sound when used with a home stereo!

    Awesome unit and excellent build quality! I connected this unit into my home stereo system! Wow!!! Sounds great and gives me a lot more flexibility.

  • from matthew wesendunk
    July 05, 2015

    How does one hook up this piece of equipment to a home stereo receiver I can not find A DSP WITH RCA INPUTS AND OUT PUTS

    Please explain to me how to hook a 1/4 cable on one end to RCA on the other end. I want to hookup a piece of audio equipment DSP that only comes with 1/4 cable in and outputs to my home theater A/V receiver which does not come with 1/4 connects but does come with RCA connections. There is home audio equipment, preamplifier that I can get with DSP but they are like 2000 to 3000 dollars. I can not seem to find a DSP with RCA INPUTS AND OUTPUTS that is affordible for me, a couple hundred dollars. So I guess I am sort of forced to use a piece of pro audio equipment. Are the 1/4 inch ends of the plug the one with the tip and shaft stereo or positive and negative. Would or should I be able to have one 1/4 end of the cable go to the other end of the cable that has two RCA cables. What I am trying to ask is the 1/4 end of the cable stereo or is it positive and negative

  • from This is a Pen Name
    November 26, 2015

    Great sound and effects

    Professional Here. Great sound and effects. The menu is a tad pain to change settings but once you do you can save them and things become easier. For the money this is one of the best you can get.

  • from avital
    October 01, 2014


    Excellent !!!! I am very pleased with this deal. I checked a few sellers and I'm very happy this seller. Super fast delivery.

  • from Roy Evans
    May 31, 2013

    Item works

    It improved the microphones. And made the sound much better for the singers. Couldn't ask for a better processor for the price.

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