Ultra-High Precision 24-Bit/96 kHz Equalizer, Analyzer, Feedback Destroyer and Mastering Processor


4/5.0 based on 60 customer reviews

  • from luis atauje
    August 28, 2014

    Five Stars


  • from luis alberto carmona
    May 26, 2013


    excellent product delivers what it offers thoroughly recommended'm comfortable with our purchase rate give good hope it will help me spell my comments

  • from Roman Sura
    February 20, 2013


    totally amazing for home stereo. sdfdssdaf dfg df gd fb dfg dg df dfdfdfgdfhd fh dg h dgh g g

  • from Kyle S.
    July 10, 2008

    Ultracurve Pro

    This processor replaced the old 4 rack space model that i had. This model is so much easier to use. Don't get me wrong, i liked the old one too but wow i love the new one. I work at a venue running and maintaining the sound system there and this has worked great!

  • from Patton Biddle
    May 04, 2014

    Amazing product for the price

    I only wish something like this had been around thirty years ago! This is a multitasking wonder of technology that will do everything but cook your breakfast. If you're not proficient at PA work it will take awhile to figure things out but it's worth the effort, it will open new vistas for you if you do.

  • from bill schwab
    January 07, 2015

    Five Stars

    Great piece of equipment. All as dedscribed.

  • from Wojciech A. Niedzwiedzki
    February 09, 2013

    The best DAC

    Needs only to make modifications for Lampized (valve tubes) DAC) unit and becomes the best equipment which you ever have heard in your life

  • from Scott M Hamer
    November 25, 2014

    Five Stars


  • from Mario Ghecea
    February 11, 2008

    DEQ2496 Is the best mastering processor around for the price!

    I have tried alot of recording gear over the past few years! First of all, I own tons of recording gear TC Helicon, Focusrite, Lexicon surround processors, etc. and I can find a flaw in just about anything I own, but I must say, this unit really blew me away! I bought the unit at $250.00 and I couldn't believe the specs on this...You get a 31 band GEQ (Graphic EQ) which can be linked in stereo mode, a 10 band PEQ (Parametric EQ), 3 band per side DEQ (Dynamic EQ), a multi-stage compressor which includes a limiter and expander, RTA and digital VU meters which simulate an analog model (very slick!) I'm not going to waste alot of time discussing things that are already in the specs or the feature set which you can find in the online documentation. However, I must say, that this unit sounds exceptional...Super quiet that even with the levels boosted all the way up, I cannot hear any hiss on my recordings. I use it mainly for the agressive compression feature, which can make things sound so pristine and clear once passed through the compressor/limiter combo... The EQ section is phenomenal and once you get the hang of it which may take some trial and error to get it going, but once you figure out how to configure the bandwith ratio, you will find it easy to get some pretty twisted EQ curves going, such as bell curves and shelves of all sorts, boosting or cutting at your frequencies of choice! I used this on drums and twicked the EQ a bit, went to the compressor with the quick press of a button, chose the ratio of compression which adjusts the knee characteristic accordingly and bam! Sweetspot was found almost immediatelly! Saved the preset for use on drums in the future and pressed the bypass function to tell the difference between the original sound and the new processed sound! I was blown away by the difference! The compressor section alone in this thing should be worth at least $1K...It is superb! This is a must for any home recording artist/producer. I am working on my band's album and we do agressive style metal which requires multiple compressors for our instruments and especially for the vocals...This unit can handle both fine and will not color your sound or make it sound muddy...It is pristine and silky smooth! I am buying two more, just cause at $250.00 it is a steal...Thank you Behringer for putting out a great product and actually comitting to excellence when you made the DEQ2496! Hats off to you...

  • from rhino-22
    October 25, 2012

    DEQ2496 REVIEW

    The DEQ2496 does exactly what it claims too do. this is a excellent product that shapes and carves away the rough edge of sound that enters the human ear. The four EQs_Feedback Destroyer_Compressor/Exspander and auto EQ are very simple to operate. The instructions are very easy and understandable. This unit is worth more than what I paid for it, and yes I would purchase this unit again. Thank you Behringer for making your products affordable because their worth much more.

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