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Digital Console for Live and Studio with 40 Input Channels, 32 MIDAS Microphone Preamplifiers and 25 Mix Buses

M32 Reviews

4.6/5.0 based on 22 customer reviews

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  • from Jason
    September 15, 2016


    Just upgraded to an M32 and SO glad we did. Our church's sound has now taken a giant leap forward!!! We will be buying another one to use as a monitor board (so we can eq the channels for our IEMs). Not the easiest to figure out, so give yourself some time, BUT it's worth investing the time into making it perfect for you! Also, our Sweetwater rep (Dan Waggoner) was absolutely wonderful to work with!!!

  • from Scott Simon
    May 20, 2015

    Uncompromising Sound Quality

    The M32 is a clear winner when it comes to pristine, high-quality sound. What a difference the Midas pre-amps make compared to every other system I have worked with. Even with the EQ disengaged, the warmth and clarity that is produced with just a mic plugged in is so pleasing to the ear that words just can't describe the difference. I could have tweaked the EQ, dynamics and effects for hours on our old system and never come close to matching the delightful sound that comes through raw / unprocessed with the M32. To my way of thinking, the M32 sells itself just on the pre-amps alone. However, the superior audio quality of this console doesn't stop at the pre-amps. Audio quality is designed into every segment of the signal path. Since installing the board a couple of weeks ago, I have had nearly every musician come up to me and say how amazing clear the audio is in their personal mix. Some are on basic In-Ear systems while others use old and abused wedge monitors, and yet they can instantly hear tones and frequencies with a crispness they never heard before. To me its very impressive when there is such a difference in sound quality that discerning musicians go out of their way to comment on what they are hearing through the mix bus. Just as impressive as the audio quality of the M32 is the incredible array of options and features built-in with the effects section of the console. Our old board had a few dozen reverb, delay and chorus programs with a modest amount of user control over the decay or other simple settings. Honestly they were rather poor anyway, but that is all child's play in comparison to the granular level of control the M32 gives on almost every one of the effects plug-ins offered out of the box. I could easily spend an hour or more adjusting and dialing in the perfect setting on just one of the plug-ins, and there are more than 40 different ones to choose from! The EQ processing on the M32 is also impressive and has many unexpected features and options that can greatly assist the task of getting a desired sound from an input channel or output bus. I really like having both a Low Cut (HPF) and a High Cut (LPF) option in addition to the 4-band parametrics with shelves at either end. It's also a great feature to have a 6-band EQ on the output buses. This almost makes up for the fact that the M32 doesn't have an option to insert a 31-band GEQ individually onto each bus. You can add four stereo GEQs in the effects slots to feed up to 8 of the 25 output busses, which isn't bad, but this is the area where the board options can be limited if you heavily depend on GEQs per bus. The board also lacks a fader level control of the GEQ bands as some other digital boards offer. Since this review is getting long-winded, I'll mention a just a few additional comments. The noise gates and compressor are equally impressive as the rest. The sign can roll in or out of the gate/dynamics without sounding hard or muffled (our old board was terrible for this). The screen on the M32 is nice and readable, but it is not a touch-screen and that is a slight disadvantage to quick interaction with certain settings. The M32 architecture could be a bit more flexible (think Soundcraft Si) when it comes to creating custom fader layers. Otherwise, the M32 is a best-in-class console that checks all of the boxes I have for a great mixing console in this price category. I enthusiastically recommend this console.

  • from Rodolfo Armas
    January 16, 2015

    Not an X32 on steroids

    Really, i had an X32 for almost two years, i liked it very much, so I decided to go with the Midas M32, and i was blow away from the moment i saw it, It´s a MIDAS all the way, feel much better, hears much better and my clients smile when the are working with it, Totally worth the extra bucks.

  • from Allen Cotton
    February 21, 2015

    Midas is making history with this unit,

    The Midas preamps(not Midas designed) sound pristine. The 100mm motorized pro faders are amazing. The ability to literally route any signal to any output is brilliant. The fact that this unit is based off of the x32's OS should not scare you as this thing is a beast! Running a LCR setup for a 10 piece band and in ears is a breeze. The RTA overlay on the eq section is a brilliant idea and the scribble strip is just cool. The only complaint I have is Midas shouldn't limit the amount of remote connections via the M32- Cue app.

  • from Mark Hafer
    January 02, 2016

    Great Mixer

    Bought the Behringer X32 a year ago and was blown away with the functionality of that mixer but would have like it to be built a little better. When I heard about the Midas M32 I was instantly interested, the lay out with the back part of the board tilted is so so much better for viewing the screen and the controls. The preamps are unquestionably better sounding and the faders are also way better and they move a lot faster. one of the best things about this mixer is the fact that I could take all of my scenes that I worked on for months on the get things sounding just right, and transfer them flawlessly into the M32 via usb stick. Just this alone has saved me tons of time. It also transferred all the routing information that I use with my Pro Tools set up, color coding and all. The iPad app is also great, I can sit behind the drums and literally control every mixer parameter as if I was sitting at the board itself, great. If you have a Pro Tools set up and need the channels for a live band this is by far the best board in its range for that far!

  • from Techno Geek Sound and Lights
    June 24, 2015


    The Midas is my favorite out of any other console. I have used it for jazz, school musicals, Jefferson starship(Seneca fest) , festivals, gospel groups, and many more!!! The Midas easy inter face makes it so easy to run the console that's why I love it.

  • from Brad Stone
    February 22, 2015

    Midas M32

    Although this board is very similar to the x32 Behringer, which I also own, the operating systems are almost identical, but there are a lot of differences in the two boards. Pre's are the Midas pro style, very distinctive sound. Faders on the board much smoother and faster. Very ergonomic design. The angled design is much easier to gain access to parameters and color display. This board is built like a tank, but very light for it's size. All in all I am very pleased with this unit and would much rather have the Midas name than a Behringer name when doing live shows. p.s... I will keep the Behringer board, it has been a work horse.

  • from Rusty Scutt
    May 13, 2015

    Midas M 32

    I Love the Console ! I have Many Large Analog Boards ( not being used, hardly at all ) I have two X 32 ..... so I couldn't wait to get this board ! I appreciate my contact Paul Lea, there for Me, when I need his expertise, and assistance ! Thanks Sweetwater ...Once again !!

  • from Dan Schultz
    June 16, 2015

    Versatile and Dependable

    The M32 is a great board with endless options for our use, an auditorium setting. We've used the board effectively and easily with school musicals and 32 wireless mics, concert band, jazz ensemble, orchestral groups, choral concerts, board meetings, dance recitals, and rock ensembles. We record everything, and the sonic end product is impressive--exceptional sound quality. We use a variety of setups, and the board is easy to configure for optimal use on each new project. The setup and initial networking was easy. Our first test for the board was our musical, running rehearsals with the iPad app. Amazing response between motorized faders and the app. In some of our crazy musical moments, two people can work together on the board at the same time without negative consequence- very helpful when dealing with novice users. The app is easy to use and intuitively organized. The USB record feature allowed us to focus on student instruction in rehearsal and fine tune our balance and mic grouping at later times. The vocals sound outstanding with quality microphones. EQ, Gate, and preset effects were an easy learning curve. The scene saving features took a little time to figure out. I used a number of X32 YouTube videos to learn the routing procedures. If I got stuck, the Midas help desk in Las Vegas was a huge help. Ideally, Midas needs to produce new, streamlined videos to cover through routing, scene management, and basic functioning. It's my only criticism. A large number of X32 videos are out there, but it's time to refine the instructional library.

  • from Customer
    September 18, 2015

    Pairs with X32 Recorder

    Just a note that this pairs with the new uTrack X32 Recorder.

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