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1,000 Watt Powered Column Loudspeaker with a 12" Subwoofer, 17 Neodymium Drivers, KLARK TEKNIK Spatial Sound Technology, Digital Mixer, Remote Control via iPhone/iPad and Bluetooth Audio Streaming

iNSPIRE iP2000 Reviews

4.8/5.0 based on 51 customer reviews

  • from Customer
    September 17, 2016

    Great for many reasons

    We use these in a church context. About 200 people. Very shallow, wide room. Lots of windows. Really difficult acoustics. The iP2000 solves numerous problems for us. Wide dispersion allows sound to reach the space without additional speakers. Industrial design is much more aesthetically appropriate than speakers on stands or flown speakers. The acoustic, functional design improves clarity by reducing directional reflection off of all of the windows and hard surfaces. The small footprint saves on stage space and their placement against the walls allows us to have fewer floor monitors. Our odd space forces us to put microphones in front the speakers, the iP2000 allows us to do this with minimal feedback. They are light, affordable, able to be used as a portable system if necessary. We use this in combination with an X32 Rack and s16. It's proving to be a great solution. Now to the sound. The iP2000 sound great for what they are. I also have the Turbosound iQ12's, EV ZLX's and some higher end Tannoy, Apogee, Turbosound, EAW, RCF, Renkus speakers. I have personally mixed on many high end systems with full line arrays and touring quality speakers. I think I have a good handle on live sound. That being said, for direct comparison, all else being equal something like an iQ12 or QSC's k12 will sound better than the iP2000. In our context, the iP2000 shines since we would never hear any benefits of a better, more conventional speaker. The iP2000 are more than adequate for what they are. With some EQ and compression via the X32, we've got them sounding pretty good. The end result is actually much better than a conventional speaker even ones that are 5x the price of the iP's. If your space is acoustically ideal, then you can certainly do better although at a higher price point. For what the iP's cost, I think they are an amazing solution for many problems in the real world.

  • from Sweet Jonny Knox
    October 06, 2016

    Love mine

    Great sound. Looks cool. People come up and stare at it and ask all about it.I enjoy telling them all it does and no it is not made by Bose (they always ask) I'll be adding a 2nd one soon. 1 Is plenty for what I do, but for some reason I want another. Best sound system I've ever had, and I've tried many. The sound really travels farther than my other powered speakers. Clear and crisp sound. The bass thumps better than my EV system. It's so clear that you can turn it way down and still hear it all very well. It's such a quick set up to.

  • from Myron BAMBOO Austin
    October 05, 2016

    Simply Awesome!

    Awesome speakers. Sound quality is great and the portability makes these speakers stand alone. The link speaker feature eliminates the need for extra cables and for my business that's golden. The name of the game is presentation and the iP2000's are classic and beautiful to look at. Well worth the investment.

  • from Kens
    September 07, 2016

    Awesome !

    WOW - this unit is so nice - small , lightweight and sounds great ! My last gig with this - I ran 3 vocals, 2 guitars and a Rolands drum pad thru it - everything was crystal clear. It has plenty of control to tune it how you like for the venue you are playing .... and its quiet as a church mouse .. no humming. Perfect for the small venue artist. No stands, no monitors, fewer cables....Bose set the bar and this Turbo iP2000 has raised it. This unit "inspires" you to get out there and play some gigs, so it even has the right name !!

  • from Sidecar Gary
    September 10, 2016


    I bought Turbosound IP2000 on Monday (Labor Day ) I wanted to see how well it did for karaoke singers and figured I had 30 days to return it !!! Well after doing first gig last night plugged into my Mackie fx12 pro mixer .. It is awesome !!! I have some really good singers who come out to sing with me and WOW .. They sounded awesome to say the least .. You will not be disappointed with this speaker . Also I use mostly wireless mics .. Cheap gemi mics no feed back even right up against speaker .. My personal sure wireless 58 ,no feed back Also use a sure wired sm58 with no feed back I only bought 1 for now but will be adding another down the road Hope this helps your in your decision ..

  • from Daniel Button
    February 29, 2016

    Great looking, Great sounding system

    I also placed my pre-order for the Turbosound IP 2000 based on the specs and my need for a small system that was easy to setup and would sound excellent. I received 2 IP systems in February. After trying out one unit at practice I was impressed by the way we could hear every frequency and how intelligible the vocals were. Next, I used both systems in a small club. The IPs’ are larger than you might expect, but easy to haul and setup. We had one on either side of the Drums about 2 feet from the wall. The look and sound was great! The Keyboard and Bass players’ microphones were literally right in front of the speakers and had no feedback after they were set. Bass drum was mic’ed, keys and elec/acoustic guitar were straight into the board, and the vocals were out front, articulate and clear. No monitors needed. We used the IPhone app to set the overall volume and tone from the back of the room. The units had a lot of headroom left. I am extremely satisfied with this equipment and the great service from Sweetwater.

  • from Craig W. Ledford
    February 16, 2016


    Over one year ago, I saw the ip2000 listed at Sweetwater. My very knowledgeable sales rep, Mr. Mark Bruhn, informed me that this unit was at the NAMM Show, 2015, and that it was supposed to be fantastic. Upon his recommendation, my name was placed first in line to receive a unit. I received it the second week in February of this year. The ip2000 is as exactly as I expected! It will blow a house down! The vocals sound clear and crisp. The music totally thumps! Did I mention that feedback is a thing of the past. I have the unit set up directly behind me as I sing and play guitar. NO FEEDBACK! If you are a guitar player needing a portable unit, this is THE UNIT! When purchasing the ip2000, consider purchasing the Play Acoustic Vocal Harmonizer by TC Helicon. The ip2000 only has two inputs that will accept either XLR or quarter inch. But it has Bluetooth capability, that's all that is needed! I plug my acoustic guitar and my mic into the Play Acoustic. Then, I plug my iPad mini into the Play Acoustic. I set up the TC Helicon Play Acoustic so that guitar and vocals come out into two channels. Then, I plug the XLR's into the back of the two channels of the ip2000. That's it. I'm done! Simple quick setup and marriage between two marvelous pieces of equipment! Did I mention that I use the app for the ip2000 that allows Bluetooth control for equalization and channel volumes? You will not go wrong. Consider the ip2000 and take a look at the Play Acoustic! Thanks!

  • from Gary Smith
    March 01, 2016

    Great Sound

    I bought 2 of these units. I played 2 Gigs last weekend one at a college for about 200 people and another Gig at a sky Resort about 300 people. I only needed 1 unit! There is a sweet spot about 10 to 15 feet in front to stand while performing, and as you walk away the sound drop off is a lot more gradual than any other speaker I have ever used. My previous setup sound was loud up in front and dropped off fast as you moved away. It was worth the long wait.

  • from JP
    March 08, 2016

    IP2000 revised review

    I am writing this follow up to my initial review because I have learned much more about this system and have now used it in a live performance. I have also increased my rating to 5.0 for these reasons. (1) My initial concern about volume has proven incorrect. This weekend we performed in a crowded 45' X 100' foot room with a 18' ceiling and concrete floors (terrible acoustics). After employing the things I have learned about this system (to be further explained) the IP2000 pair was more than sufficient, as the volume barely got into the 3rd of 5 led segments and I had a lot of headroom and volume left. (2) The manual is brief and not very informative other than pointing out basic operations. I downloaded the product information document from the Turbosound/Music Group website which, among other things, has a frequency response graph. Using this as a guide I EQ'd the system to "technical flat" using the parametric EQ on my XR18. Once this was done the system sounded completely different and absolutely fantastic. Using this as a starting point it was easy to adjust the EQ for each room with a minimal of room analyzer equipment. (3) It took about 15 minutes to set up (including the room EQ adjustments) and 5 minutes to pack up, with a hard case for the 4 array columns and soft cases for the subs. The rest of the band and a couple of visiting musicians were also very impressed. The only question unanswered for me at this point is reliability; and only time can tell that.

  • from Studiodawg
    March 16, 2016


    There's something liberating in having your main speakers behind you and no monitors facing back in your face. Two of these ip2000s combined with an Allen & Heath Qu-16 is proving to be a great sounding system. It is very interesting how it doesn't feedback easily. I play upright bass and it's never sounded better to me. There is much midrange information and a keen understanding how to EQ the mids will prove helpful to the end user. These speakers translate the microphone presence peaks so be aware of the microphone's frequency response if you want to properly address the EQ. At 6 feet 9 inches, you need to be aware of the ceiling height in the venues you may venture to! So far ( a couple gigs and various studio situations over the last few weeks) these speakers have been a real joy to work with.

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