Early Days in Australia

In 1971, around the same time that Midas Amplification were making their transistorised guitar amplifiers, up in the English Midlands another company was formed by brothers Philip and Terence Clarke, which produced coin-operated car washing and vacuuming machines.

Jazz Legend Oscar Peterson

The two brothers had differing but complementary talents. Phil was the business-savvy entrepreneur whilst Terry brought the technical and problem-solving skills. Terry was also an experienced musician, having played guitar for Clifford T Ward in the early half of the 1960’s in the UK. The brothers then spent the latter part of the decade in Australia.

It was during this time that Terry met Bruce Brown who built recording studios. Terry worked with Bruce on a number of these, including Albert Studios of AC/ DC fame. There was no established Pro Audio industry at the time, so literally everything – including the mixing console – was purpose-built for each studio. So in addition to being responsible for the day-to-day task of keeping the band’s equipment working, this early exposure to studio technology would put Terry in a very strong position for his future ventures.



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