On Tour with the Supergroups

These new industry connections resulted in an association with Supertramp’s sound rental company “Delicate Productions” and Jeff Byers going on the road with Supertramp on their “Crime of the Century” tour alongside engineer Russell Pope in 1974. The experience gained on this tour resulted in the first MIDAS console to have major success, a small modular mixer called the PR System, often referred to as PRO4. The console’s name came from the name of the flagship PR 004 input module, which offered an exceptional microphone preamplifer and high-quality channel equalisation.

1975 saw the first dedicated MIDAS monitor console, with early customers including Clair Brothers Audio for clients including Elvis Presley, Yes, Billy Joel and The Beach Boys. Another innovation of early MIDAS consoles was a built-in active crossover, which became necessary for the new multi-way active sound systems gaining popularity in the UK.

Whilst the streets of the UK may have been reverberating to the new sound of anarchy in the mid-seventies, elsewhere in the world British rock supergroups reigned supreme. MIDAS supplied a On Tour with the Supergroups.


Giant three-section console for Pink Floyd’s “Animals” 1977 tour which had separate master quadraphonic and stereo outputs. For the band’s legendary “The Wall” tour in 1979, MIDAS provided a console with 105 channels of custom-built quadraphonic sound.


Another customer was Frank Zappa who had a custom-made MIDAS PRO5 console for his 1980 World Tour, plus a MIDAS-supplied dedicated recording console to allow every concert to be simultaneously recorded onto 24, 8 and 2 tracks.


MIDAS consoles also found their way into musical theatre in the 1970’s. The hugely successful British duo of Sir Andrew Lloyd Weber and Sir Tim Rice created many major stage productions which went on to play around the world, with live theatre designer Abe Jacob specifying MIDAS consoles for shows such as “Cats” and “Evita”.



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