XL3 - The New MIDAS

It was the next MIDAS console that re-established the brand, the XL3 was essentially a monitor version of the XL2, but with the innovative use of VCA faders (fitted on to the front of the original chassis) making the product suitable for Front of House mix duties, too.

midas year 1990 image 1

It came in 40, 32 and 24 channel versions and a 16 channel extender, or sidecar, was also made. ts 16 mixes could be used as output mixes, sub groups or auxiliary masters.

With all inputs also routable direct to masters, grouping via eight VCA masters, along with a two-way matrix and two ancillary record outputs, its combined total of 22 outputs made it a supremely capable and flexible console.



Plasa Award for Product Excellence 1996