A Digital Dawn

MIDAS recruited a small team of former Amek R&D engineers to form the core of its new digital console team. Working out of a tiny office in Empress Buildings, a converted Victorian Brewery in Manchester. This team, augmented by R&D staff in Kidderminster, would be responsible for the hardware and DSP design, analogue circuitry and front-end user interface development.

midas year 200- image 1

The prototype XL8 chassis


The Lego* console used to develop new user interface layouts

The strategy behind MIDAS’ entry to the digital realm was not to simply produce another mixing console but to create a technology platform from which the brand could address all segments of the market.


Initial console software testing

The team went back to basics and spent a year looking at the fundamentals of console design, including why a MIDAS console sounded like it did, and built many analogue prototype circuits that would later be modelled in the digital domain to ensure that the MIDAS sound was retained in its new digital incarnation.