The Next British Invasion

In 1982 the Group set up two arms:
TURBOSOUND Inc, to realise the sales potential in the US, and TURBOSOUND Sales Ltd to manufacture the products and cover the rest of the world. Behind the early move into the US market was the principle that if the company succeeded there, it would succeed anywhere.

It was in 1984 that, as the prelude to many prestigious installations to follow, TURBOSOUND Inc’s persistence paid off when Nashville’s Grand Ole Oprey decided to ring the changes with a new off -the-shelf sound system that would aim to extend the low frequency capabilities, and get more clarity and punch, than the original system’s honky “horn sound”. As country artists began to require more inputs and better fidelity, the Oprey wanted a system that would give them the sound they needed well into the future. The tightly-arced speaker cluster consisted of nine TMS-1s, seven TMS- 4s and two custom mid/highs for balcony coverage, and gave them a system that would keep abreast of the rapidly evolving country music.


STYX Setup

The event exposed TURBOSOUND to over 50 major touring artists, extremely large audiences – and the elements. In fact the system was left outdoors for the entire summer, come rain or shine, a real test of the TMS-3’s all-weather durability. As a direct result, a large TMS-3 system was used in the highly successful 1983 tour of Styx. The press widely praised the TMS-3 system for its sound quality. TURBOSOUND was now well on the way to becoming a dominant force in the US sound reinforcement industry.


Iron Maiden Setup

Danny Abelson joined as VP Sales and Marketing of TURBOSOUND Inc after hearing a system at Alan Wick’s invitation – and like many others, that first audition changed his outlook on how sound reinforcement could develop. The first US sales were made in the spring of 1982, and generated enough interest for Clair Brothers to select 16 TMS-3s for the summer-long ‘Dr Pepper Music Festival’ in New York City.


Royal Albert Hall Setup

In 1985 Michael O’Flynn joined TURBOSOUND as Group Chairman, his-wide ranging corporate, legal and financial experience bringing development of the international markets, which were to lead to the granting of a string of principle patents and prestigious industry awards.

TMS-4 Cutaway