The Polyhorn is Born

As early as 2000, sparked by a decision not to follow the well-trodden and overcrowded path of me-too line arrays, TURBOSOUND’s engineers began the process of updating the large format touring systems. While on paper both virtual point sources (VPS) and line arrays were considered valid approaches to sound reinforcement, the major advantage that VPS offers is that control of the cluster dispersion is available to the user in both the horizontal and vertical planes.


The 2005 Glastonbury Festival saw the ASPECT rig deployed for the John Peel Stage by South West Audio, which showcased emerging artists.

Having used FLASHLIGHT for Pink Floyd’s Division Bell tour and heard ASPECT on the last Shadows tour, when David Glimour’s live sound engineer Colin Norfield paid a visit to the TURBOSOUND factory and compared ASPECT with FLASHLIGHT and FLOODLIGHT, he decided there and then that its detail and clarity was perfect for


Gilmour’s 2006 On An Island tour. So it was that Gilmour closed out the last few dates of the tour at the Royal Albert Hall with a central cluster of Britannia Row supplied ASPECT TA-890 that according to Norfield was very smooth all the way through and nicely balanced.