TURBOSOUND Receives the 3rd Queen’s Award

In 2007 the market was looking for a medium scale TURBOSOUND system that would be accessible to local and regional rental companies, and it had become clear that by splitting a POLYHORN and slotting a Dendritic device in between, it was possible to design a better line array – with a choice of controllable wide or medium horizontal dispersion – that sounded as good as a point source. So while TURBOSOUND came late to the line array party, the POLYHORN and Dendritic devices contributed technical advancements that enabled FLEX ARRAY to take off in a big way, with the acoustics technology behind it earning the company a third Queen’s Award, this time for Innovation, in 2012.


In 2008 TURBOSOUND brought peformance and style to a host of fixed installations ranging from cafés, wine bars and restaurants, to themed environments, leisure facilities and retail outlets in a range of versatile and elegantly styled injection-moulded loudspeakers and discreet high 26 performance ceiling speakers. The IMPACT series offered great audio performance, modern styling, legendary TURBOSOUND voicing and long-term dependability. The integral 70 / 100 V line transformers and included wall mount brackets made the IMPACT series exceptionally easy to install and adaptable to large and small projects, together with the versatile four channel RACKDP-50 amplifier.